Paul Frank iPad Air Silicone Case, Best Protection For Kids

Apple unveiled its drastically lighter and thinner iPad Air (previously referred to as Apple iPad 5), and if you’ve already fallen in love with the new 9.7-inch tablet, it may be about time to dress it up. Have your kids gotten the new and fabulous iPad Air? If so, what kind of protective cases have you prepared? As its name suggests, the iPad Air comes with a revamped design that sheds almost half a pound of weight, along with a couple millimeters of thickness and a significant amount of bezel area. Yes, it’s totally based on the iPad mini, and the smooth aluminium back is really great to feel in the hand. It’s necessary that most people feel the need to slap a cover on an iPad as soon as it’s bought. We need to get the notion of protection, Paul Frank iPad air Silicone Case could be your kid’s another love.

The design of the iPad Air is, as we’ve mentioned, very impressive. It would be best to use some of the iPad Air accessories to protect it from scratches, bumps and damage that might occur as a result of accidents.This Paul Frank Case for iPad Air is a bit of a departure from their usual style, and it features a number of design changes from the former iPad case. All for the better I think. Really, this is designed to be highly functional, super light and very stylish.

The iPad Air is held in a thin pouch that is attached to the actual hardcover case. Don’t worry, the pouch holds the iPad Air securely. Paul Frank ipad air Silicone Case brings you a fashionable way to protect your Apple iPad air. It provides a chic protection against the hits and dings of everyday life. Made from tough silicone which offers a no-slip grasp and shock-absorption, Paul Frank ipad air Silicone Case wraps your iPad air in a pretty neat package.

Paul Frank iPad air Silicone Case Feature:
Manufactured using premium silicone material.
Made of durable high-grade environment-friendly silicone, the ipad air Silicone Case provides anti-slip grip with a soft, more comfortable feeling to hold.
No need to take off the ipad air Silicone Case to utilize the iPad features.
The installation process is quick, simple, and no Computer disassembly is required.
Paul Frank ipad air Silicone Case smooth and washable design ensures comfort and cleanliness, you can clean and reuse it time after time. Apple ipad air Case is molds
100% perfect fit.

Overall, this new iPad Air Case design is pretty awesome in our opinion, we love all the different features it offers and the different ways of using the iPad Air in this case. Believe this Paul Frank Case and love this cute monkey. Let  this case covers your iPad Air totally and gives your iPad Air the best protection.


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